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Credit Repair, Financial Planning, and help with future purchases

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Credit Restoration

We help our clients clean up their credit bureaus through legal disputes that we perform for them. After going through our process we help them with their future purchases and financial planning.


Collections hurt millions of Americans’ credit every year. Many of these collections are inaccurate and extremely old, we specialize in these problems.

Late Payments

35% of your credit score is based on your payment history on open and closed accounts.

Credit Inquiry Package

Every time you get a credit inquiry on one of your credit bureaus, your credit score drops 3 to 15 points. These will stay on your credit for two years, unless you hire the right company to help you out.

Repos, Forclosures, and Charge Offs

Having any of these problems can destroy someone’s credit. There are many different ways that we help our clients with these issues.

Bankruptcy Package

A discharged bankruptcy can stay on your credit bureaus for many years. This affects your interest rates and buying power, we have helped thousands of Americans with these issues.

Credit Rebuilding/Establishing Line of Credit

After we help our clients clean their credit we help them build their credit back up. We assist them with car purchases, house purchases, personal loans, business loans, RV purchases and much more.